Summer Driving Tips From The Albany Auto Group: How to Drive in the Rain

Our Albany Auto Group team wants to help you prepare for driving in Glenmont, NY when the roads are wet. Summer rain can cause hazardous driving conditions. In fact, wet pavement contributes to more than one million traffic collisions each year, so be sure to follow these tips when you are driving on wet roads.

Hydroplaning happens when a vehicle's tires skim on a thin layer of water as opposed to gripping the surface of the pavement. The best way that you can avoid hydroplaning is to slow down. Even if a vehicle is moving at 35 mph, its tires can still lose contact with the road. Having the tread depth and inflation of your tires checked can also reduce the chances of hydroplaning.

Be sure that you turn your headlights on at the first signs of rain. It is important that you are visible to other vehicles, so check that your headlights, taillights, brake lights, and turn signals are functioning properly.

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